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Start Your Own Purgatory Prayer Program Today!

At Helpers of the Holy Souls, we offer a FREE start-up Purgatory Prayer Program that you can customize to your liking.  It can be said as a private devotional in a chapel or church or be said as a monthly Catholic prayer meeting in a chapel, church, or even at someone's home.

I was involved in a monthly First Saturday prayer meeting for at least eight to ten years at a friend's home.

Monthly Catholic Prayer Meetings are a great way to:

    • pray for the Church Suffering as well as strengthening the Church Militant
    • confirm fellow Catholics in areas of the faith they may have questions about.
    • share common struggles and sufferings (as well as joys and successes) on home and work-related issues
    • meet new friends and connect with old acquaintances.

      Usually after the prayer meeting, my friend's wife was gracious enough to have some coffee, soda and other snacks prepared. support these type of Catholic prayer meetings as long as "the talk" before and after the prayer meeting is faithful to the Church.

      Many times, conversation about unapproved Marian apparitions can arise or a
      Gnostic environment can develop:

        e.g. "You are so privileged to know this information, that the rest of the Church doesn't know."

      If conversation or practices develop within the prayer meetings that are contrary to any paragraph of the Catechism of the Catholic Church or Church's Magisterium, you know it's time to leave. Prudence should be used in discerning whether the issues involved should be brought to the local bishop.