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St. Catharine of Genoa


Born: In Genoa, Italy in 1447
Died: 15 September 1510 at Genoa, Italy
Beatified: 1675 by Pope Clement X
Canonized: 1737 by Pope Clement XII
Memorial: 15 September

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The Heavenly Father gave Saint Catherine some of the most extraordinary operations in her soul. This condition started when she was about twenty-six years old and lasted until her death. In this state, she received wonderful revelations of which at times she spoke to those around her. Many of her extraordinary experiences and revelations where about Purgatory with many of them being written down in one of her two most celebrated works, "Treatise on Purgatory". Some extracts from the book follow:


"There is no place to be compared with than of the souls in Purgatory, { save | except } that of the Saints in Paradise, and this peace is ever augmented by the flowing of God into these souls, which increases in proportion as the impediments to it are removed. The rust of sin is the impediment, and this the fire continually consumes, so that the soul in this state is continually opening itself to admit the divine communication"


- Treatise on Purgatory (Chapter 2, page 301)

Saint Catharine of Genoa

"It is true that the Divine love which overwhelms the soul gives, as I think, a peace greater than that which can be expressed, yet this peace does not in the least diminish her pains, nay, it is love delayed which occasions them, and they are greater in proportion to the perfection of the love of which God has made her capable."

- Treatise on Purgatory (Chapter 12, page 318)

"So hidden and transformed in God are they, that they rest content with all His holy will. And if a soul, retaining the slightest stain, were to draw near to God in the beatific vision, it would be to hear a mere grievous injury, and inflict more suffering, than Purgatory itself."

- Treatise on Purgatory (Chapter 14, page 321)