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Other Purgatory Prayer meetings

Other Helpers of the Holy Souls Prayer Meetings.

We have been sending out our FREE Purgatory Prayer program since June 2007. Below is the list of people who have asked for our prayer program.


Many start it as a personal devotion and change it according to their needs and desires. After a few months, some have taken it to the pastor of their parish to see if the program can be implemented in the parish on a regular basis. Our goal is to have at least one Purgatory Prayer Program initiated, with the permission of the local bishop, at the parish level in each of the 50 United States.


Number FREE Purgatory Prayer Programs we have sent out and have received a confirmation of receipt via e-mail. 145
Number of states in the U.S.A. that have received a FREE Purgatory Prayer Program 38/50
Number of countries worldwide. that have received a FREE Purgatory Prayer Program 10


Do you have a devotion to the Holy Souls, ask for a FREE Helpers
of the Holy Souls Purgatory Prayer Program
today! BUT ...


don't ask for one if you are not going to use it. The Holy Souls are depending on a prayerful spirit!

Sorted by State


    Contact City/Town State/Territory
1. 1. Leonard Adams Madison Alabama
2. 1. Kimberly Chandler Jessieville Arkansas
3. 1. Sister Dolores Bailey. O.C.D. Alhambra California
4. 2. Colleen O’Neill Antioch California
5. 3. Marianela Camelo El Monte California
6. 4. Mathy Fisher Granada Hills California
7. 5. Matthew Alvarez-Limjoco Lompoc California
8. 6. Vince Crisci Long Beach California
9. 7. Maria Jimenez Los Angeles California
10. 8. Sue Brock Modesto California
11. 9. Giavani Funicellio Rancho Cordova California
12. 10. Joanne Bettencourt Ripon California
13. 11. Mary Klessens Ripon California
14. 12. Maria Catane
San Diego California
15. 13. Stevin Habba Spring Valley California
16. 1. Dawn Hirman Bayfield Colorado
17. 2. Lynne Miterotonda Fort Collins Colorado
18. 1. Ronald Legler Glastonbury Connecticut
19. 2. Joanne Sharretto Milford Connecticut
20. 3. Dean Hantzopoulas (and Greg) New London Connecticut
21 1. Dawn Speck Middletown Delaware
22. 1. Cookie Sellers Key West Florida
23. 2. Elizabeth R Ashooh Lakeland Florida
24. 3. Jeanne Whitney Mayo Florida
25. 4. Elizabeth Melville Pembroke Pines Florida
26. 5. R. Michael Isele Port Orange Florida
27. 6. James Leverone St. Petersburg Florida
28. 7. Caridad Bencomo Virginia Gardens Florida
29. 8. Fr. David Downey
St John of the Cross Church
(second priest request)

Vero Beach Florida
30. 1. Anna Marie Gould Adel Georgia
31. 2. Beth Trussell Augusta Georgia
32. 3. Pam Walden (Mary's sister) Fayetteville Georgia
33. 1. Jordan Vira Waianae Hawaii
34. 1. Jeff Brown Jeffersonville Indiana
35. 2. Charlotte Aldrich Gary Indiana
36. 1. Michael Mattio Aurora Illinois
37. 2. Gerard Fratto Chicago Illinois
38. 3. Kathleen Vanecek Berwyn Illinois
39. 1. Georgia Tauchas Bondurant Iowa
40. 1. Loretta Scott DeSoto Kansas
41. 2. Kathryn Gish Roeland Park Kansas
42. 1. Linny O’Hara Newport Kentucky
43. 1. Brother Clement Furno Baton Rougue Louisiana
44. 2. Julie Hanks Hammond Louisiana
45. 3. Ron Gurba Jr. Harvey Louisiana
46. 4. Pat DeJean Lafayette Louisiana
47. 1. Christian Jandreau China Maine
48. 1. Robert L. Shafer Jr. Easton Maryland
49. 1. Daniel Bagley Braintree Massachusetts
50. 2. Brian Bagley Whitinsville Massachusetts
51. 1. Cindy Schwirtz Apple Valley Minnesota
52. 2. Christopher Thue Becker Minnesota
53. 3. David and Erin Bissonnette Mankato Minnesota
54. 1. Garren Smith Bassfield Mississippi
55. 2. Tessa Willoughby Hattiesburg Mississippi
56. 3. Crystal Elizabeth Simpson Sumrall Mississippi
57. 1. Mary Bachinski Chesterfield Missouri
58. 1. Jan Menks Omaha Nebraska
59. 1. Joseph Kapton Las Vegas Nevada
60. 1. Anne Drury Nashua New Hampshire
61. 1. Julie Kaczorowski Bridgewater New Jersey
62. 2. Paul Aquino Flemington New Jersey
63. 3. Lourdes Kessler North Brunswick New Jersey
64. 4. Laura Girard Medford New Jersey
65. 1. Deborah Lamb Brentwood New York
66. 2. Melva Cruz Bronx New York
67. 3. Domenica Mossa Bronx New York
68. 4. Donna Baboolal Brooklyn New York
69. 5. Juan Carlos Chaparro Brooklyn New York
70. 6. Angela Jeronimo Corning New York
71. 7. Beatriz Velez Elmhurst New York
72. 8. Elizabeth Tavarez Elmhurst New York
73. 9. Winniemary Afzali Flushing New York
74. 10. Daniel M. Cordosi Jamestown New York
75. 11. Margaret Tirpak New Hampton New York
76. 12. Sister Maristela Testa, SSC New York New York
77. 13. Nicholas Carlucci Port Chester New York
78. 14. Marcin Zelazny Ridgewood, New York
79. 15. Nick Dellveneri Schenectady New York
80. 16. Jeanette Kuzma Shoreham New York
81. 1. John Kipp Asheville North Carolina
82. 2. Jill Varney Fairview North Carolina
83. 3. Dr. Diana Pasulka Wilmington North Carolina
84. 1. David Selby Medina Ohio
85. 2. Marianne Northrop Waterville Ohio
86. 1. Michael Schrick Oilton Oklahoma
87. 1. Peggy Boquist Dallas Oregon
88. 1. Deacon Tom Murphy
Saint Francis Academy
(first deacon request)

Bally Pennsylvania
89. 2. Debbie Mlay Conway Pennsylvania
90. 3. Deloris Slesiensky Dallas Pennsylvania
91. 1. Alfonso Maria Ramos Caguas Puerto Rico
92. 1. Veronica Salazar Cheraw South Carolina
93. 2. Joanna Bentley Moncks Corner South Carolina
94. 3. Stephen Grima Mt. Pleasant South Carolina
95. 4. Stacie Hull Seneca South Carolina
96. 1. Teresa Holland Adamsville Tennessee
97 2. Glenna Bradshaw Memphis Tennessee
98. 3. Kathleen Hancock Knoxville Tennessee
99. 1. Dana Stanley Torres Austin Texas
100. 2. Madeline Kammer Bulverde Texas
101. 3. Susie Devereaux Cibolo Texas
102.. 4. Eden Rivera Edinburg Texas
103. 5. Anna Anonymous Houston Texas
104. 6. Rebecca Calvo Irving Texas
105. 7. Mary Helen Russell Lockhart Texas
106. 8. Bruce Anderson
Von Ormy Texas
107. 1. Aaron Phillips St. George Utah
108. 1. Michael and Claire Chapman Alexandria Virginia
109. 2. Suzanne Yerks Sterling Virginia
110. 3. Father Richard Carr
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
(first priest request)

Front Royal Virginia
111. 1. Christine M. Julius (Tina) Bellingham Washington
112. 2. Vernell Lane Bellingham Washington
113. 3. Lucetta Pena Bellingham Washington
114. 4. Susan Ward Richland Washington
115. 5. Debra Myles Tacoma Washington
116. 6. Pauline J.A. Sutter Tacoma Washington
117. 7. Rebecca Greene Tukwila Washington
118. 1. Marcella Paliekara Fond du Lac Wisconsin
119. 2. Florence Kendziorski Greenfield Wisconsin
120. 3. Reverend Jiri Gaberle
Certified Hospital, Nursing Home and Hospice Chaplain
Saint Francis Wisconsin



If you know these people, please have them e-mail me.
Sorted by State


  Contact City/Town State/Territory Country
1. Rosa Villalba Kissimmee Florida USA
2. Eleanor Vira Waianae Hawaii USA
3. Jamie Weber Marion Illinois USA
4. Albert Cassano New Castle Pennsylvania USA
5. Lupita Elguezabal Eagle Pass Texas USA

If you know these people, please ask them to send me an e-mail either confirming they either DID or DID NOT receive their Purgatory Prayer Program.
We run this apostolate with the good hope that a certain level of Christian appreciation is shown, even if it is just confirming they received their starter-kit.


I can be reached at:






If you know these people, please have them e-mail me.
Sorted by State


  Contact City/Town State/Territory Country
  Inside the United States
1. Kimberly Chandler Jessieville Arkansas USA
2. Cookie Sellers Key West Florida USA
3. Mary Helen Russell Lockhart Texas USA
4. Garren Smith Bassfield Mississippi USA
5. Christopher Thue Becker Minnesota USA
6. Stacie Hull Seneca South Carolina USA
7. Vernell Lane Bellingham Washington State USA
  Outside the United States
1. Wayne Barry Berwick, Nova Scotia Canada
2. Kevin Hannis Southport Merseyside England
3. Fr. Andreas Gunawan MSC Jakarta Indonesia
4. Michael Jess Bernardo Parañaue City Philippines
5. Greg Mashaba Atlasville.Boksburg South Africa





    Contact City/Town State/Territory Country
1. 1. Sandra McWilliams Thorhild Alberta Canada
2. 2. Ron Mitchell Harvey York County New Brunswick Canada
3. 3. Wayne Barry Berwick Nova Scotia Canada
4. 4. Irene Attard London Ontario Canada
5. 5. Edgar Aparicio Toronto Ontario Canada
6. 1. Fiona Morant Preston Lancashire England
7. 2. Kevin Hannis Ainsdale, Southport Merseyside England
8. 3. Theresa Codd Birkenhead Merseyside England
9. 4 Anne Drury Shipley Yorks Shipley England
10. 5. Brian W A J Gregory Choppington Northumberland England
11. 1. Aloysius Pinto Valencia, Mangalore Karnataka State India
12. 1. Fr. Andreas Gunawan   Jakarta Indonesia
13. 1. Marianne Eichhorn Kibbutz Nachshon D.N. Shimshon Israel
14. 1. Catherine Kee Lunas Kedah West Malaysia
15. 1. Valerie Nicholas   Karachi Pakistan
16. 1. Paolo Miguel Cobangbang Southville Biñan Laguna Philippines
17. 2. Mr. Ramon Unas Las Piñas City Las Piñas Philippines
18. 3. Andrew Chanco Parañaue City Metro Manila Philippines
19. 4. Michael Jess Bernardo Parañaue City Metro Manila Philippines
20. 5. Jet U. Buenconsejo Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines
21. 6. Geraldine Pagarigan Quezon City Metro Manila Philippines
22. 7. Carlos Oda and
Chita Monfort
San Juan Metro Manila Philippines
23. 1. Estelle Brigando   Stellenbosch South Africa
24. 2. Greg Mashaba Atlasville Boksburg South Africa
25. 1. S. D.
[Kept anonymous due to the country's hostility toward Christians]
Dubai United Arab Emirates